Be here now

By: Mindy Velasquez 

The journey began with me hesitating to make a decision to join or not to join. But ultimately I remembered that taking the first step in any journey is hard but should be made. The decision was made, I would join in the walk. The decision on this day brought three of my roommates and I to go to Eucharist on a Sunday afternoon to Church of the Common Ground. We didn’t figure out on time when the bus would arrive, therefore, we ended up walking toward our destination. It was a simple decision heading towards our destination, enjoying good conversation and banter on the way, and then a light drizzle of rain. This light drizzle however then turned to rain and most of us were not fully prepared for rain. But we had gone so far that we kept walking even slightly annoyed. Ultimately this rain turned into a downpour. A downpour. We got caught walking in a downpour of rain near Capital and Memorial headed to Woodruff Park where Eucharist was to take place. We were getting drenched but we all made the decision to move forward and keep walking down the road. We accepted this is where we found ourselves, in a downpour and just to be here in the now. This simple journey to Eucharist was not what we expected and this has been similar in walking on a new journey in my life; such that making decisions have come in different forms from small to big and from individual to community intricacies. On this journey the unexpected comes and deciding how to respond and who you share it with is what makes the journey more adventurous.