God in All Things

By Quanshay Henderson

Rose Mary Doughtery put it best when she stated, "To hold onto a practice once it has outlived it's purpose it to create an idol." Since I joining the team at The Road, I have been holding on to old practices, but was I really creating an idol?

Back home, I taught the youth in Children's Church that an idol was anything that one exalted higher than God. When I honestly reflect on that definition, the piercing eyes of truth penetrate me. I had put so much emphasis on finding a church to attend here in Atlanta, I had forsaken the Living God. Rather than allowing the love of God to woo me closer and deeper into sacred unity, I looked to a building to clothe me with a false sense of relation with the Creator. Perhaps I had been doing this before I left Baltimore. What matters now though, is that I have decided to place myself in a posture of openness to the abiding presence of God in all things. My time in The Road has allowed me to reach this place of inner clarity, and for that I will be eternally grateful.