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The Road is... 

A dynamic community and school of active hope to equip and empower young adults for lives of service, leadership, and spiritual activism.  The Road fellowship year is rooted in the work and prayer of building just, compassionate, and liberating communities. Road Fellows live in intentional spiritual community, work full time with agencies and ministries dedicated to justice, compassion and advocacy, receive training in leadership and community organizing skills, and engage practices of spiritual and theological reflection and vocational discernment.

The Road Fellows learn

spiritual practices and real world skills that deepen and expand their capacity for compassionate service, advocacy for justice, social change, and courageous leadership.

The Road is an adventure

of heart, mind, and spirit for passionate and inquiring young men and women who are eager for challenging and transformative work.

Only through an inner spiritual transformation do we gain the strength to fight vigorously the evils of the world in a humble and loving spirit.
— Martin Luther King Jr.

The Road Fellows #Mission The Road Episcopal Service Corps Atlanta | Photo credit:

Our Hope

The great activist and spiritual leader Rabbi Joshua Abraham Heschel once said that true joy and greatness is found in the toil to reach beyond ourselves and “shatter our own smallness.”  Our mission and hope at The Road is to live in our city in ways that do indeed shatter our smallness and create liberating and healing communities for all people. And we do indeed find joy in doing this work together!

Our Name

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The Road was chosen for many reasons. It resonates with journeys of faith in the Scriptures—on the roads to Jerusalem, Damascus and Emmaus. It reminds us of the common journey we all share as God’s children, journeys of faith and doubt, certainty and confusion, joy and sorrow, searching and finding. It recalls those roads which were key in the history of civil rights and of seeking justice for all in our nation—from Selma to Montgomery, from places of powerlessness to Washington D.C. God invites us to travel together on new roads that open us to new possibilities for understanding, for service, and for transformation which we may never have imagined. We are all about the journey, the road, and companionship along the way.

About Our Program

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