Service Work Reflections

 Photo COURTESY of Path To Shine®

Photo COURTESY of Path To Shine®

Path To Shine® is a great opportunity for a Fellow to explore the many dimensions of running a faith-based nonprofit. The Fellow gets to work directly with the executive director, Lesley-Ann, securing funding, developing curriculum and scouting new affiliate programs. Lesley-Ann is a great supervisor, who helps the Fellow find and utilize the gifts he or she brings to Path To Shine. You also work directly with children, tutoring and mentoring at a few different locations. The fellow spends Sunday afternoons at San Beda, a Hispanic mission at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church and one of the Path To Shine affiliate locations. There, the Fellow is able to integrate into the community, joining in celebrations, leading children’s liturgy and assisting Fr. Fabio.

– Ciara Rowley

  PHOTO COURTESY OF  THe Georgia Bulletin

PHOTO COURTESY OF THe Georgia Bulletin

Catholic Charities Atlanta is vibrant, varied, flavorful, and always gives something new to ponder or try on for size. Working as an employment specialist offers all the benefits of a full-time position in a social work setting--you can tell your family that you're learning about grant compliance, outreach and advocacy, case file documentation, and other marketable skills for when you get a real job! What is more difficult to communicate is that this is, yet is more than, a real job: it's real work. You will be part of a small, diverse team dedicated to individuals and families picking up pieces and starting afresh in the U.S. It's a beautiful workplace filled with stories that will welcome yours. 

– Maris Kramer

  PHOTO COURTESY  OF  Catholic Charities Atlanta

PHOTO COURTESY OF Catholic Charities Atlanta

I am an Employment Program Assistant at Lutheran Services of Georgia’s Refugee Resettlement Agency. My primary duties entail leading the weekly job orientation workshops,  overseeing the volunteers, as well as seeking volunteer opportunities for clients before in their time before employment. I dabble in all aspects of the employment process and while I have not been assigned cases, a lot of what I do is case management. 
When I first entered the tall building and made my way up to the 18th floor, the rigid cubicles initially disinterested me. I quickly came to find out that despite the stiff office feel, I work with a fun and compassionate group of people and I love the work I do! One thing I love the most is the spontaneous beauty of working with refugees; I am enriched by different cultural experiences in all aspects of my work. The most frustrating aspect of the work I do is dealing with unmet expectations that are out of my control. Yet, it is in these moments that I am most grateful to be working with such a great team. 

– Carmelle Nitereka

Our Worksites

Emmaus House

"Empowering families to move beyond poverty in Peoplestown."  Grounded in the Episcopal tradition, Emmaus House provides education, opportunity, assistance, and advocacy in partnership with our neighbors in Peoplestown.

Georgia Justice Project

The Georgia Justice Project breaks the cycle of poverty by defending the indigent criminally accused and, win or lose, standing with them as they rebuild their lives. With over 25 years of experience,  GJP  couples holistic legal defense and social services with advocacy support, to address the barriers to economic stability faced by the criminally accused.

Church of the Holy Comforter and the Friendship Center 

Holy Comforter promotes the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of adults marginalized by poverty and mental health challenges and of those who come to volunteer, work, and learn. The Friendship Center  provides hot and nutritious meals, art and gardening programs, transportation, worship, recreational activities (such as bread-baking), and various 

The Church of the Common Ground 

The Church of the Common Ground is a church community of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta that gathers on the streets of Downtown Atlanta. Many of the community’s parishioners are experiencing or have experienced homelessness, poverty, addiction, and mental illness. Through worship, prayer, pastoral care, Bible study, and a weekly foot clinic, the Common Ground community lives into the good news of Christ that we are all God’s beloved.

Georgia Interfaith Power and Light

As a religious response to global climate change, resource depletion, environmental injustice, pollution, and other disruptions in the Creation and as a direct expression of our faithfulness, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light engages communities of faith in stewardship of Creation.